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New Beginnings, Continued Passion

Hi! I hope you’re enjoying life. I haven’t posted here in a long while, so I wanted to check in. Change is in the air, and “Yoga Moods” is evolving. Yoga is still an integral part of my life. However, I’m currently focused on health coaching and herbalism. Please keep in touch if you are …

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Quick Yoga Breaks at Work!

Lots of us work very sedentary office jobs.  It’s pretty standard these days:  arrive early in the morning, turn on the computer and stare at it for about eight hours, then drive home.  Yes!  Finally, we can do some yoga (or other exercise, preferably outdoors) to reverse the long day of sitting.  Lots of us don’t …

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Sit In Front of a Computer All Day? Take Quick Yoga Breaks!

I work in an office full time, sitting at a desk staring at a computer most of the day.  Not the lifestyle I hope to have forever, but it currently provides benefits and pays the bills!  If I don’t take a few minutes here and there to get up, walk around, and stretch, my back …

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