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Cinnamon-Honey Mask & Vanilla Mint Honey Scrub

Hello!  I have some exciting new natural health ideas to share – not exactly yoga, but very much related.  When we maintain a regular yoga practice and become more in tune with our  bodies and minds, we begin to understand how to care for ourselves on deeper and deeper levels.  We tend to eat healthier, crave …

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Jupiter Thursday

Thursday is traditionally associated with the color yellow and the planet Jupiter.  Ayurvedic teachers recommend various practices involving these aspects on the days they’re associated with as it’s said to attune our microcosmic selves to the macrocosm of the universe* * Rea, Shiva. 2013. Tending the Heart Fire. Sounds True Inc.: Boulder, CO. p.179

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Yoga Moods is Nominated for The Liebster Award!

What a nice surprise I awoke to today!  The wonderful blogger, fellow yoga- and food-lover, Jen, from Sweet Green Kitchen has nominated Yoga Moods for The Liebster Award!  I am so thrilled and honored! The Liebster Award allows us to express appreciation for other bloggers.  It was also created to increase readership for blogs with fewer than 500 followers.   …

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