New Beginnings, Continued Passion

Hi! I hope you’re enjoying life. I haven’t posted here in a long while, so I wanted to check in. Change is in the air, and “Yoga Moods” is evolving.


Yoga is still an integral part of my life. However, I’m currently focused on health coaching and herbalism. Please keep in touch if you are interested in self-care!

I’m getting further education, creating an herbal apothecary, and will offer in-person sessions in Costa Rica, as well as online. Retreats and classes are in our future; stay tuned.

Yoga will still be offered (if desired), along with other holistic health ideas, resources, and support. This is really a self-directed program and my job is to ask the right questions and encourage your own inner guidance. I will provide non-judgmental support and motivation, but the rest is up to you. I will help keep you accountable. It can be difficult to maintain healthy habits and make changes as needed. Having dedicated support can make all the difference!

Screenshot 2017-04-27 18.37.36.png

I’ve supported diabetic patients undergoing major lifestyle changes, and I’ve managed people in corporate and non-corporate settings. To me, management was really about helping people love their jobs and creating good relationships, valuing the individuals.

My own coaches have been invaluable in my personal growth. Sometimes a few words, a question, or a suggestion can bring about lasting positive change. True presence is so healing.

I am currently attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to enhance my skills and experience. If health coaching is something that may interest you, check out a free class here!

I’m also coaching with The Goddess Project, an online yoga-inspired healthy living community. Please email me for more information.

Finally, if you or anyone you know is suffering from type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, ask me about the E4 Diabetes Solutions new Simple Steps program. We’ve seen people literally turn their diabetes around with this lifestyle health program.

I’ll stay in touch here, though less often these days. I invite you to join me on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook!

Be well, be happy, and enjoy peace. Thank you so much for your time! Feedback & questions are welcome.



  1. Lauren G

    I loved this post and congratulations on all your new endeavors, Jen! You inspire me! Much Love, L

    • Thank you, Lauren! YOU inspire me! Miss you.

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