New Moon Ritual: Fertile Darkness

With the June new moon approaching, I’d like to dedicate this post to the new moon ritual.  

new moon

People throughout history have been guided by the moon.  From its role in the creation of calendars and tidal charts to its reputation for its effect on our emotions, behavior, and energy levels, the moon has always had a strong influence on humans.  Various rituals have been performed throughout history during different phases of the moon.  New and full moons are very powerful times for reflection and celebration, respectively.  However small or large the ritual, I try to pay attention to those times.  Living life this way can make us feel more alive and grateful.  It reminds us of why we we are here and what we are evolving toward and helps us get there.

The new moon is a powerful time for meditation and taking stock of our lives and where we are headed.  The new moon is an opportunity to initiate projects, intentions, and goals.  One of my teachers calls it “fertile darkness.”  The new moon is a great time to plant the seeds of intention.  We think about what we are moving toward and what specific steps we need to take to get there.  And then we seal that intention with asana practice and meditation.  Here are some photos from the last new moon for inspiration (I was lucky enough to be at the beach at the time…)!  

mandalas in the sand

beach mandalas night2

fire in wood on beach

Happy June New Moon on Tuesday!  I would love your comments and stories if you’re interested in sharing, please!

bright candle mandala

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