Daily Rituals

herbal tea

Daily rituals help us maintain an inner peace, which seems imperative to happiness in our constantly fluctuating worlds.  In our personal lives and in the world, change – whether expected, intended, or surprise, and whether perceived as positive or negative – is inevitable.  In the midst of confusion and difficulty, we can remain stable and steady in our inner most selves.  And in happier times we can realize deeper states of joy and gratitude, simply because we are truly present.  Practicing daily rituals hones this ability to be present.  They can be anything from a daily outdoor walk to keeping a daily journal; a morning and/or evening meditation; reminding ourselves of things we have gratitude for and dwelling in that feeling.  Yoga (and through yoga, Ayurveda) has taught me to keep daily rituals that have resulted in the best health and happiness I’ve experienced yet.  I’ll share mine with you.  What are yours?


* waking up around the same time every day without an alarm clock

* tongue scraping

* oil pulling with coconut oil

* 20-minute meditation

* warm lemon water

* plant-based diet and taking time to appreciate each meal

* cooking with whole foods, lots of fresh seasonal vegetables from my garden and local farms

* preparing and drinking herbal teas (sometimes from a tea bag but it’s fun to experiment with mixing herbs & spices – see the picture above!)

* taking care of my plants, in the garden and indoors

* walking outdoors

* asana practice based on my energy level – sometimes very restorative/lunar, sometimes more solar flow and challenging

* listening, loving, and appreciating my partner and whoever I’m with (animal or person!) fully – paying attention

* being attentive to natural beauty and small pleasures

* reading

* doing art or playing music (always listening to music)

* dancing

* going to bed around the same time each night


So much healing happens when we share our tools and stories.  I hope to hear from some of you!  What are some practices that have brought you peace?  Thank you for reading.  Love to you all!




  1. OMG…so similar. Same here; what my entire blog page is about. Yoga, bhakti-yoga and more… speaking of which, I must restart my oil pulling regime again 🙂

    • Cool, thanks for writing! I just followed your blog and am checking it out – looks very interesting! Thank you.

      • My pleasure; thank you so much 🙂

  2. Thankyou for sharing. EXACTLY what I needed to read xx

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thank you for saying that. I’m glad you liked it!

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