Monthly Archives: May, 2014

Coming Home to Your Self Through Yoga

I recently had the privilege of practicing with my lovely and amazing teacher, Shiva Rea, in Boston.  You know that Buddhist proverb, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”?  Well, that’s sort of how it happened with Shiva.  In my early days of discovering yoga, I came across one of her CDs and practiced …

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Happy Full Moon!

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio!   The full moon is a great time to slow down, meditate, and practice “lunar” (more meditative, contemplative, and relaxing as opposed to solar, activating, and energizing) yoga.  Try out this watery, lunar practice by my beautiful teacher, Shiva Rea, to connect with your deepest essence during this potent time.  Just …

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Food for a Healthy Body & Mind – Cauliflower Rice, Walnut Meatballs, and Quinoa Pizza!

Yoga and healthy eating go perfectly together!  So today, I am going to share three very healthy, delicious, and easy recipes with you.  I absolutely love to cook and bake and I have a passion for healthy, delicious foods.  I spend a fair amount of time researching and trying out new things, so I will …

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