Heart Activating Meditation


Before beginning, you may want to set a timer so that you can easily drop into a meditative state without concern for time.  Practice this meditation as long as you like, maybe 10-20 minutes.  (If you’re new to meditation, even a minute or two is a great start!  Practice consistently and increase the time at your own pace.)  Choose a location where you won’t be disturbed.  Having a dedicated meditation spot helps, though meditation and mindfulness can be practiced anywhere.

To begin, come into a comfortable seated position.  You may lie down if necessary.  Close your eyes.  Lengthen the spine from the tailbone up to the crown of the head.  Relax the muscles around the spine.  Roll the shoulders back and down.  Hands can rest face up or down on your thighs.  Release tension in the jaw, the forehead, the eyes.  Breathe in deeply through the nose, a smooth, gentle breath.  Exhale also through the nose (if your sinuses are blocked, just breathe through the mouth).  Continuing long, smooth breaths, scan the body from head to toe and try to release any tension you find.  Focus on your breath.  Come into the present moment, releasing thoughts of past or future.  When thoughts arise, notice, and let them pass.  Bring your left hand to your heart and your right hand to your belly.  Begin circling both hands slowly, in a clockwise direction.  The hand at the heart awakens the heart energy; the hand at the belly is grounding and soothing.  This connection to yourself brings peace and has a nurturing quality.  Continue circling gently and comfortably at your own pace.  Focus on the smooth breath.  Imagine if you can the sun shining brightly from the center of your chest.  Imagine the sun warming your entire body and shining out from your heart.  Hold this visualization as long as you can without straining.  Hopefully it’s quite effortless, and it might bring a natural smile to your face.  Let this joyous feeling fill your entire body.  Focus on the warm sun and connecting with your body and your essence.  What is truly important.  Let go of thoughts, worries, and judgments if they arise.  Notice them, and let them pass.  Just focus on the warm heart energy awakening.  If your arms get tired you can rest one or both of them palms up or down on your thighs.  Continue focusing on the breath and the warm heart sun.  This is a great meditation anytime, but particularly when you’re feeling tired, drained, sad, menstruating, or experiencing PMS.  Hope you enjoy it!

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