Sit In Front of a Computer All Day? Take Quick Yoga Breaks!

meditation at work

I work in an office full time, sitting at a desk staring at a computer most of the day.  Not the lifestyle I hope to have forever, but it currently provides benefits and pays the bills!  If I don’t take a few minutes here and there to get up, walk around, and stretch, my back aches, my shoulders get tense, my neck gets sore, and my eyes bloodshot.  Once in a while, a little office yoga doesn’t hurt either!  Since so many of us work sedentary jobs, I thought I’d share a movement meditation that I try to integrate into my day.  It not only helps the body recover from the aforementioned discomforts (it preferably prevents them if done consistently), but it also centers the mind, is relaxing, and can help us remember the “bigger picture” of the richness of life by bringing us in touch with our deeper selves.  Close your door for five minutes (or even two minutes — anything’s better than nothing!), or if you don’t have your own office, use a conference room or bathroom where you can have privacy.

Movements of Prana Meditation

Begin standing in Tadasana.  Close your eyes.  Start to deepen your breath, gently lengthening each inhale and exhale to an equal length.  Breathe through your nose if possible.  You can use ujjayi breathing if you are familiar and comfortable with it.

Bend your elbows and bring your arms out in front of you, palms facing up.  On an inhale, lift the arms slowly with the breath.  At the top of the inhale, turn the palms to face down and lower them with an exhale.  Repeat these movements several times, feeling the upward rising energy on the inhale, and the grounding energy on the exhale.  You can bend your knees slightly on the exhale to accentuate the downward flow, and straighten the legs on the inhale as you rise up.

Next, bring your palms to touch at the center of your chest in anjali mudra.  Inhale and feel your belly contracting in toward the spine.  Exhale and expand your arms out to your sides, letting the shoulders relax down the back and feeling the expansion in your chest.  Imagine energy radiating outward through your hands.  Inhale and return your hands to anjali mudra (prayer position).  Again, repeat these movements several times.  When you feel complete, open your eyes and continue your work day!

This simple meditation has been incredibly powerful for me. I hope you enjoy it!

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