Our Happiness, Our Health = Our Right, Our Responsibility

It is everybody’s right and responsibility to be as healthy and happy as possible.  Our happiness affects everything.  When we are in a room and a clearly agitated person enters, we can feel the tension just being present, even if we are not interacting with the person.  The tension causes discomfort.  Muscles contract, breathing quickens, and headaches may ensue, among other physical and psychological reactions.  These reactions to stress can create serious health problems in the long-term. 

Many diseases are brought on or exacerbated by our reactions to stress.  By cultivating and maintaining our happiness and health, we are able to manage stress effectively.  When we manage our stress effectively, we stay healthy and happy.  It is a circular pattern and it takes diligence.  We can also help others by being pleasant to be around, and more available to offer our support in various ways.  We also serve as an example that self-care is possible and it works!  It takes effort, but we can take control of our health and happiness.

Following is a link to a video by Seane Corn of some yogic breathing exercises that you can practice at any time.  They can be especially helpful when you (or someone you are involved with) are dealing with stress.  Try one the next time you are in a room with someone who’s upset.  See if you can bring peace to the situation rather than making it worse.


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