New Beginnings, Continued Passion

Hi! I hope you’re enjoying life. I haven’t posted here in a long while, so I wanted to check in. Change is in the air, and “Yoga Moods” is evolving.


Yoga is still an integral part of my life. However, I’m currently focused on health coaching and herbalism. Please keep in touch if you are interested in self-care!

I’m getting further education, creating an herbal apothecary, and will offer in-person sessions in Costa Rica, as well as online. Retreats and classes are in our future; stay tuned.

Yoga will still be offered (if desired), along with other holistic health ideas, resources, and support. This is really a self-directed program and my job is to ask the right questions and encourage your own inner guidance. I will provide non-judgmental support and motivation, but the rest is up to you. I will help keep you accountable. It can be difficult to maintain healthy habits and make changes as needed. Having dedicated support can make all the difference!

Screenshot 2017-04-27 18.37.36.png

I’ve supported diabetic patients undergoing major lifestyle changes, and I’ve managed people in corporate and non-corporate settings. To me, management was really about helping people love their jobs and creating good relationships, valuing the individuals.

My own coaches have been invaluable in my personal growth. Sometimes a few words, a question, or a suggestion can bring about lasting positive change. True presence is so healing.

I am currently attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to enhance my skills and experience. If health coaching is something that may interest you, check out a free class here!

I’m also coaching with The Goddess Project, an online yoga-inspired healthy living community. Please email me for more information.

Finally, if you or anyone you know is suffering from type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, ask me about the E4 Diabetes Solutions new Simple Steps program. We’ve seen people literally turn their diabetes around with this lifestyle health program.

I’ll stay in touch here, though less often these days. I invite you to join me on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook!

Be well, be happy, and enjoy peace. Thank you so much for your time! Feedback & questions are welcome.


Self-love is where transformation begins

Hi All! I am excited to share something I have been working towards for a long time. I hope my words will resonate with you and bring some hope to your day!

Empowering others to take charge of their own health, naturally, is my life’s purpose. Nothing makes me happier than seeing others succeed and thrive! Continual emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual growth is my passion and I have overcome many personal challenges. I reversed an autoimmune disease with lifestyle medicine and proved my doctors wrong. I couldn’t accept the idea of being on daily medication for the rest of my life. I knew there was a better way. I struggled with hormonal issues, disordered eating, negative self-talk, addictions, anxiety, depression, and severe back pain in my earlier years. I watched various family members, including my mother, suffer from breast cancer and all of its repercussions. Others close to me have had to live with diabetes and its many complications. Early in life I had a feeling, and now know without a doubt, that chronic diseases are often avoidable and sometimes reversible with lifestyle changes.

With the help of mentors, teachers, healers, and coaches along the way, these last 20 years I dove into the research and made an experiment of my own life and health. Yoga, meditation, a plant-based whole foods diet, and various other natural healing modalities have brought me to a whole new level of existence I’d never imagined was possible! I began to live my dreams and experience joy I had never felt before. And there’s always more to learn! Approaching 40 I feel younger, healthier, happier, and freer than I did when I was 20. I am excited to wake up every day and experience the magic of life. I have learned a lot on my journey and want to share it with as many people as I can. It’s never too late to live a fulfilling, healthy, abundant life!

I’ve been working with type 2 diabetics for over a year now and have seen them lower their blood sugars, come off of insulin and other medications, and in a couple of cases actually reverse their disease! To fully live my purpose, though, I want to expand my work to include anyone wanting to learn more about lifestyle medicine. I have joined an amazing group of holistic health, nutrition, fitness, and business professionals, yoga teachers, and healers with big hearts. As a health coach I will guide others on their own journeys toward optimal health! If you or someone you love is ready to fully commit to self-transformation, please feel free to reach out! It would be my pleasure to serve anyone willing and ready. I will only be accepting 3 people into the program at this time, beginning February 15th. Email me for details.


Have You Ever Seen Yoga Like THIS?

What do you feel when you watch this?

See the entire documentary here.

Yoga Sequence for Letting Go

cloudy skyHolding on to something you don’t need? Grief, pain, or guilt that won’t seem to leave you alone? Life requires letting go.

We all experience loss from time to time. Sometimes we regret our own actions or words. Each mistake is a lesson and an opportunity to become a better person. Each loss is a natural part of life that cannot be avoided. It’s important to stay gentle with ourselves. Try this yoga sequence for some relief. Love yourself and let go. Give yourself time to relax. Give yourself permission to cry, to feel deeply, to do what it takes to eventually let the emotion(s) pass.

  • Play some peaceful music, if you’d like – here’s some recent relaxation music I discovered
  • Cultivate ujjayi breathing, deep ocean breath through the nose. Immerse yourself in breath. 
  • Hold these poses for several long, slow breaths (5-10 in and out) each.
  • Listen to your body. Be aware of all your body parts. Feel them touch the ground, the rug, or the mat you are on.
  • Notice the subtle shifts that happen as you hold each pose. Watch your emotions, let them pass. Watch your breath.
  • Be with the practice. Be present. Know you are safe and it’s OK to let go.
  • Keep your connection to your body. Try not to get lost in thought. If and when you do, as soon as you realize it, come back to focusing on the breath.
  • Relax your jaw. Relax your eyes. Envision a warm light of compassion and love streaming into your heart.

Uttanasana ~ Standing Forward Bend

Baddha Konasana ~ Butterfly

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana ~ Upward Dog

Balasana ~ Child’s

Ardha Matsyendrasana ~ Seated Twists, right and left

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana ~ Pigeon, right and left

Matsyasana ~ Fish

Viparita Karani ~ Legs Up The Wall

What is Yoga?

What is Yoga? ~ Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Alistair Shearer

Yoga is a way to restore our lost wholeness, our integrity as complete human beings, by unifying the personality around a center that is silent, unbounded, spacious, and joyful. 

The techniques of yoga are methods of purifying the nervous system so that it can reflect a greater degree of consciousness and our lives can become an increasingly positive force in the world.

If these techniques are correctly practiced, the whole nervous system is revitalized – the body enjoys better health and more energy, the rested mind is freed from the burden of past experience, and perception is restored to its primal freshness.  Thought and activity become coherent and integrated, life becomes richer and more fulfilling.

Yoga is not a religion.  Its techniques, however, will gradually lead you to the direct experience of those truths on which religion rests.  Yoga is a catalyst that allows us to grow in whichever direction is natural and life supporting.



When Darkness Appears


When and how has your dark side appeared to you?

What behaviors, words, and thoughts have arisen?

What were the triggering situations?

What did you do about it?

Should you have better control the next time that darkness is accessed?

How can you transform “negative” feelings of anger, depression, greed, guilt, jealousy, shame, etc. into something useful?

Yes, it is lovely to focus on light and beauty. The fact that we can consciously reprogram our brains is fascinating and extremely useful. Focusing on so-called “positive” thoughts is a great way to unlearn some of the lies we’ve been told or told ourselves inadvertently. We can transform wrong beliefs to engage in a more productive and enjoyable life. 

The truth is, though, we are all made up of both light and darkness. What we often tend to perceive as “good” and “bad.” One cannot exist without the other. We see this reflected everywhere in nature and in the people around us. We judge some emotions as better than others just because they feel good. They are, however, all a part of life. And it’s not healthy to deny our emotions or thoughts even if they are ugly or frightening.

Becoming aware of our true nature is the essence of yoga. That way we can gain some control over emotions and thoughts that may lead to harmful actions and words. We can free ourselves from the stories we make up in our heads, which can seem so true. We can learn to deal with triggering situations and people in a more peaceful manner so we are not left with regret or other “bad” emotions growing inside of us. We can look at ourselves and others with love and compassion rather than judgment or fear.

The Yamas and Niyamas (the first two of the eight limbs of yoga as laid out by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras) deal with how we behave and interact within ourselves and with the world around us. Self-study is a very important aspect of yoga. I offer the questions above as a starting point for self-study. Meditating on similar types of questions can help us become our best selves. Taking mental notes, or much better, keeping a journal, can help us become aware of our reactions. We become aware of the transitoriness of thoughts. We realize emotions arise and then subside. We become more aware of the world around us and hopefully grow into an agent of peace not disaster.

Banish Stress: Amygdala Reprogramming


Stress causes all sorts of health havoc. It’s important to know how to handle its inevitable triggers. I learned this following “amygdala reprogramming” exercise from a doctor of public health. Just an idea to try the next time you find yourself in a stressful situation. 

The amygdala is in the lower part of the brain and it stimulates the body’s fight-or-flight response. When we are exposed to something upsetting, we have about 5 seconds to decide how we’ll respond to that stress. If we don’t do anything, the amygdala will release its stimulation causing the adrenals to release stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. Your blood sugars will shoot up as well as your heart rate. Your immune system will be depressed. Your blood is more likely to clot – leading to greater stroke/heart attack risk, etc. These are only a few of many examples of the negative health effects of stress.

Studies have shown we can block that amygdala response. We only have 5 seconds to make that decision. Energy levels and sense of wellbeing often dramatically improve once people start automatically stopping that response. As soon as you experience a stressful situation, physically put your hands out and say “stop” – with a smile on your face. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the situation. The whole negative experience goes away.

Consider experimenting with this exercise when faced with stressful situations in your life. Follow these steps exactly – the physical movement, out loud command, and smile are important. The concept is controlling how your mind works instead of going through the autonomic responses, letting your mind control you. 

Further information:

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Excited to Announce New Yoga Classes!


The Body Knows & The Body Remembers

Body Memory

Estés, Clarissa Pinkola. 1995. “Women Who Run With the Wolves.” Chapter 7: Joyous Body: The Wild Flesh (p. 214).

New Moon Ritual: Fertile Darkness

With the June new moon approaching, I’d like to dedicate this post to the new moon ritual.  

new moon

People throughout history have been guided by the moon.  From its role in the creation of calendars and tidal charts to its reputation for its effect on our emotions, behavior, and energy levels, the moon has always had a strong influence on humans.  Various rituals have been performed throughout history during different phases of the moon.  New and full moons are very powerful times for reflection and celebration, respectively.  However small or large the ritual, I try to pay attention to those times.  Living life this way can make us feel more alive and grateful.  It reminds us of why we we are here and what we are evolving toward and helps us get there.

The new moon is a powerful time for meditation and taking stock of our lives and where we are headed.  The new moon is an opportunity to initiate projects, intentions, and goals.  One of my teachers calls it “fertile darkness.”  The new moon is a great time to plant the seeds of intention.  We think about what we are moving toward and what specific steps we need to take to get there.  And then we seal that intention with asana practice and meditation.  Here are some photos from the last new moon for inspiration (I was lucky enough to be at the beach at the time…)!  

mandalas in the sand

beach mandalas night2

fire in wood on beach

Happy June New Moon on Tuesday!  I would love your comments and stories if you’re interested in sharing, please!

bright candle mandala